Audio interviews about Rights Management

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Webinar video recording on Rights Management

ASMP hosted a webinar on Rights Management.

Here is the video recording of the webinar:

The slide deck is also available.

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Webinar: Why Ignoring Rights Management Will Cost You

Diving into the world of Rights Management, Henrik will discuss the standards, services, and technologies that can help enforce, track, monitor, and monetize rights for many creative and media professionals. The Tech Talk discussion will look well beyond copyright and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Henrik will open up the discussion to include a Q&A with webinar attendees.

Bring your questions, and learn more about rights management.

The following slidedeck was presented during the ASMP webinar:

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Rights.tech interview with Tom Kennedy

Rights.tech presents an audio interview with Tom Kennedy talking about Rights Management.


Rights.tech is also available on Apple Podcasts, AudioBoom, CastBox, Google PlayRadioPublic, RSS or TuneIn.